ABC Player Free e-learning 4.0


Very useful app for children/students learning ABC, Can hear right pronunciation

Its a very useful app for children/students for learning the ABC characters. Can hear the exact pronunciation of the English characters. Its colorful designing attracts the children/students.
Enjoy it for free!

1. This version now can be installed on Android version from 1.6 and up.
2. Known bugs are fixed.
3. Multi Screen Layouts support is added.
4. Dynamic Resolution, Now can work well on any resolution.
5. New Graphics.
6. Pictures are added.
7. Sounds of all Alphabets.
8. UI is updated.
9. Nice color and shapes.

Powered by: Joltatech

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Last Updated:2011-09-18 18:40:17
File size:4.59MB
OS:Android 1.6 and up